Maui Private Boat Charters

Treat your group to an unforgettable rafting experience unlike any other on Maui. We specialize in catering to private parties with our Private Boat Charters! Company gatherings. Wedding parties. School field trips. Family reunions. Truly the ultimate way to explore Hawaii’s ocean wonders. Just set the course and let Maui Reef Adventures take you there in style!

Private Boat Charters on Maui

This is the ultimate way to explore Maui’s amazing underwater world. When you book a private boat charter with Maui Reef Adventures you get first class personalized service including; your own Captain and crew to guide and take you where you want to go, give you information on your chosen location, and a state of the art raft to speed your way around the picturesque island shores of Maui.

Book now to treat your group to a true Maui Reef Adventure and experience the thrill of a lifetime!

Please note:

  • Groups up to 20 passengers will sail aboard Reef Explorer (red RIB)
  • Groups over 20 and up to 30 will travel aboard Ocean Freedom (yellow RIB)

Impress your guests with our delicious catering service!

Please call for details on additional fees and menu options.