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Maui Snorkel BoatsUp close and personal.
Our Rigid Hull Inflatable rafts are fast, safe and fun. Our favorite way to get out on the water, both Reef Explorer and Ocean Freedom allow guests to sit just a few feet above the ocean and take in the fast and exhilarating ride.

With small group sizes we travel to more remote locations to swim with sea turtles, view Maui’s stunning sea cliffs and snorkel areas where large tour boats simply cannot go. Our fast and fun rafts are one of the many reasons guests choose Maui Reef Adventures.

Maui Snorkel Tours

Escape the herd! Our small rafts will guarantee that your experience is much more personal.

Reef Explorer

Maui Snorkel Tours39.3' Aluminum Safe Boat with Center Console (Maximum capacity 20 persons)

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Ocean Freedom

Maui Snorkel Tours41' Navatek RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat)
(Maximum capacity 30 persons)

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